jeep cherokee rough idle in gear

Our Address. Kings Mills, OH I have a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4. I have changed the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, it needed it anyway. I have no check engine light, and it seems like it has a random misfire, only at idle.

Rough Shifting

The exhaust smells like it is running rich at idle, but goes away at every speed above idle. I am waiting for my OBD2 scan tool to be returned to me in the mail so I can check the fuel trim and O2 sensors. Can somebody suggest what I should check next? Some history on the vehicle, odometer is k miles, had a 70k mile motor and transmission installed at k.

After the motor and trans was installed, the mechanic gave me a box with a throttle body, fuel rail, and 6 fuel injectors in it. So I think there might be a chance that there is a set of k mile old injectors in this motor. I just could use a hint on which direction I should go next. Thank you. For that you might start with a compression test. Home Topic Jeep 4.

Jeep 4. April 10, at am Mikey Participant. Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 of 2 total. April 10, at pm Here is a good start. Click on the symptoms. April 11, at am EricTheCarGuy Keymaster. Good luck and keep us posted.

You must be logged in to reply to this topic.Automotive Forums. Try this, turn on the AC, place in gear and turn the steering wheel, does the RPM's drop significantly? Replace it! You can check the IAC, just get out a chilton book. My does the same thing. I think it has more to do with motor mounts myself.

I think the rubber is wearing out, and causing more vibrations. My IAC was just fine. Let me know what happens. I have fought this problem for almost a year. I replaced every sensor possible on the car. I replaced all plug wires, dist cap, rotor, and everything else you can think of only to have the problem continue and it was worse in cold weather. Well I finally decided to replace the coil even though it checked out ok. That was the problem.

Q: Car vibrates/shakes when sitting still in idle (in gear or in neutral).

Now my 93 JGC Laredo starts immediately and runs better than it has for years. Maybe I can get another K miles out of it. Another finding: - whne replacing the IAC ,You should disconnect the battery, for few minutes, give it half an hours, then change the IAC, plug battery back in, set to ignition, don't crank yet give it one or two minutes for computer to adjust calibrate the new IAC.Sign In with Edmunds.

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jeep cherokee rough idle in gear

October edited September in Jeep. My 95 grand cherokee starts fine until the weather starts to turn cold below 52 degrees, then when you try to start it it turns over but stalls right offit sound like the gas is being shut off, after sometimes 10 or better tries it finally starts like it never had a problem at all, and after it does start the jeep will start fine for the rest of the day.

My son is a tech at a jeep dealership and say's it is the first like this he has run into, he has tried many different things to try to correct this problem, but it is still happeninghas anyone run into this problem?? August I have a 4. In the morning when I crank, it sounds like it barely is staying on. The idle is very rough. When I put in drive, it "miss fires" for a second or two then takes off.

At stop lights, etc. What could be the problem? I've read on here, possibly IAC, fuel pump, spark plugs. I don't want a new car, just some reassured confidence.

September Does it smooth out the instant you depress the accelerator? Meaning, if you lightly rev the engine to 1,rpms, does the engine run smoothly? If that's the case, then yes the IAC is a primary suspect. Does the check engine light come on? If so, what codes are being returned? You can take it to AutoZone and they will read the codes for you. If the problem ONLY happens at idle, then I would rule out the fuel pump and spark plugs, at least just from what you've told me. October Automotive Forums.

I could use a little help. My Jeep 94' Grand Cherokee six cylinder, is vibrating and idling rough when in gear drive, or reverse. The RPMs are okay and are not sparatic either. As soon as I hit the gas it runs just fine. It also idles just fine when in Neutral, or park. I thought it could be the engine mounts, yet it only idles rough when in gear, like when I am stopped at a stop light. Any ideas or suggestions.

I am having the same problem as described. I have done the test that dksob81 said to do, with no luck. All my hoses look to be in good condition, and do not hear any hissing noises.

jeep cherokee rough idle in gear

I have changed by spark plugs, spark wires, distrubtor button, and distrubtor cover. I have check all the things I changed, and everthing thing seems in great condition. I have an Jeep Grand Cherokee, I6 4. Is there any other tips or suggestions?

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Just to you let you know, I have checked the Idle air control valve. I have also cleaned the throttle intake and the idle air control valve. Does the RPMS drop when you place it in gear? What RPM's does it idle at? The rpms does not drop, when in drive or neutral.

The idle rpms are about I did, the fluid looks clean and the level is at full. Some people told me the problem could be with using bosch 4 plantium spark plugs. Could this be? I want to use autolite, is that a good brand? Just you let you know when I changed my sparkplugs, wires and dirstubor cover, and button my gas miles went up. I used to have a much more rough idle until I change the spark plugs. The rough idle has went down, but still notiable. Check your motor mounts, putting it in gear will normally put more stress on the mounts.

If one is snapped it will not be able to fully absorb the vibrations. I also had the same problem as you, and would get worse when the weather was cold.

Turned out to be low voltage to the fuel pump.You'd be surprised. Unless you're a Cherokee owner, then I bet you're not surprised at all. Bought this Jeep Limited, used, with miles about 2 years ago. Loved it for about the first 6 months.

Then, the transmission problems began. It started as a reluctance to shift into 3rd or 4th gear at times. Brought it in and they updated the software. What a load of crap. Two weeks later, same rough shifting. It almost slams into gear. Brought it back, and they supposedly couldn't find any problems.

Took it home and decided to live with it until I can afford to trade it in on a good SUV. It is obvious they have no real fix and I refuse to waste my money on another Jeep The simple fact that I got this truck with only 4 miles on it and I'm having issues with it is ridiculous.

Every time I shift to reverse or drive, it jerks really hard and sounds like my engine is gonna fall apart. It's been doing this for a very long time.

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I went to the dealership, they said there was nothing wrong with the truck, but I know there is something wrong with it. I'm paying all this money every month for something to not be working properly. Just bought the car 4 days ago. On the first day, there was a significant clunk and jerk as the car shifted gears around mph.

As others said, it felt like I got a tap from behind. The rest of the day it was fine and I was unable to replicate it. It has happened times a day since and I don't drive it muchusually around 45 mph, once around 30 mph. I cannot find a way to replicate it, it just happens randomly. It also paused when I was trying to turn left across traffic.

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Scared me as traffic was coming. Will be returning the car today, without a fix as I only have 7 days to return and all posts have said that the software upgrade only fixes the issue for 2 weeks and then it's back.

Don't want to be stuck with this issue and I don't feel safe driving it with the pause when pulling into traffic. Loved the car I am the second owner of this vehicle. I feel like a fool now because I didn't research any previously reported issues with this particular vehicle. I simply went on my belief in history and the quality of the JEEP name. The transmission slams into gear so hard that I actually feel as if I have been rear-ended and I'm actually jolted from my seat.

But now as I am only NOW researching it, it's heartbreaking to realize that JEEP or the company that manufactured this 9 speed have no fixes nor admit that the transmission is faulty. I found in the glove box of my jeep an invoice where the previous owner took it in to his dealership with the same complaint. The dealership only ran a diagnostic and said there were no issues found. How can they be allowed to put this on the market and sell it to working people, some who work hard just to own a vehicle of this caliber and it's riddled with problem that the manufacturer says it's operator error I am now stuck with it and my only recourse is a lawsuit or hopefully they now have a resolution and are willing to make things right with consumers.

Jeep Grand Cherokee fix rough idle or stall

This transmission issue with Jeep Cherokees has been reported multiple times. Just adding my name to the list.If I rev the motor to rpm the problem seems to go away. I am not getting any engine codes. I have since replaced all motor and transmission mounts 3 were broken anyway but this did not make any difference.

I have taken the car to Roger Beasley dealership who had it all day and could not discover the issue. It drives fine. Any electrical load while sitting still seems to make the vibration worse. Lights, fan, AC, power windows, windshield wipers, even pressing the brake pedal. This is driving me crazy not to mention making me concerned that something serious is about to happen. Any ideas? This sounds as if you have a low idle condition. With a condition such as this, it is normal for it to run rougher when electrical components are tuned on and it is normal for a car to run rough when the idle is to low.

My first instinct here is to clean the throttle bodyfully warm the car, connect a scanner, and command the IAC Idle Air Control valve to move the idle high and low to see how it responds. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Robert Kulp Automotive Mechanic. Thank Robert.

jeep cherokee rough idle in gear

Other things to consider: It could need a tune-up. This would be ignition components, spark plugsetc. Good luck! Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions.Forum Rules. Now through Dec 31st, Recent Threads License plate bracket recommendations. Plz help Anyone else stuck at home? What do you use to mount a flag to your jeep? Info on Liberty lift T to T upgrade Putting the transmission dipstick tube in 95 grand cherokee Happy Holidays Help - CJ 4 cylinder transmission issue steering issue.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Shakes When Idling → Causes and Diagnosis

Reader Rides. Thread: Idle speed and adjustment. In the 4. Is there a simple way to adjust this? Both of mine Idle about My 94 grand will sometimes stumble when it is first started when cold but then evens out smooth within a few seconds. If you have not done a tune up in while now would be a good time to eliminate the possibility of a ignition problem such as a plug or plug wire.

It really shouldn't idle that rough, and if it does it may be a good indication there is a problem somewhere else that needs to be addressed.

I am not sure about the idle adjustment produres I have not had to use them but I am sure there in whatever service manual have. If you dont have a manual let me know and I will look at mine and post the info. No idle adjustment on your ZJ, it's all computer controlled.

Does it trip the 'check engine' light?

Acdelco 4 wire alternator wiring diagram diagram base website

Hi, Mine idles around RPMs. You CANNOT adjust the idle speed on computer controlled vehicles which is all cherokeessince the idle is a preset function of the computer.

Do you have an automatic transmission? I was going to look at the manual after I posted just to see how it is done to satisfy my own curiousity but I got sidetracked.

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I had just assumed that there was some sort of adjustment I guess I would have had a similiar results though. Thank you bounty-hunter and xjnick for info, it will save me the trip to the manual. Sorry to grrnmo if you read your manual yet probably again and still found no adjustment. Join Date May Posts It ran great for a week after the tune up but now is doing same thing again.

I cannot find the "Idle Air Control Motor" in the manual--possible it has another name? Also I was reading the manual and it was talking about the Ignition module, which is mounted directly under the ignition coil, any idea where I can get one? YJ Windshield Hi, You didn't say what model year you own, but for the purpose of the reply i'm going to assume it's pre ' Anyways, the Idle air Control motor to my knowledge is called the IAC motor or such, if your looking in a haynes or chilton manual and it is not listed then that is no surprise to me as they are both seriously lacking in information about the electrical and computer systems.

The Idle air control motor is a cylindrical object bolted to the side of the throttle body which faces the front of the vehicle.

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